All I can say is, "WOW"... I am more than satisfied with the Pendleton Safe


I am more than satisfied with the Pendleton Safe

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I have admired Bruce Pendleton’s Pendleton Safe design ever since it was featured on Shooting USA. I contacted Bruce inquiring about his Knight Tactical Series safes featured on the show. However, the cost was out of my budget.

This year I am faced with a dilemma. My rifle collection has gotten bigger since last year and I needed a new safe. But I have limited space to put the safe in. Pendleton Safe measure just 32” wide and 35” deep. It will sit fine in the corner I measured it out. However, it can hold more than the traditional safe of equal size and you still have access to each firearm individually without moving things around.

I contacted Bruce again hoping he may have some showroom demos he is willing to part with at a discounted price. He explained to me all Pendleton safes are custom built to order. However, he was working on building a more cost saving versions of the Knight Series safe that might fit my budget. My first concerned was will the security be compromised with the economical version. Bruce assures me the security feature and the workmanship will not differ from any of his more expensive custom safes because his name is riding on it. The only difference will be limited color options, no top rotating storage shelf, and no revolving shelf motor. But he will install pistol shelves on the two sides to hold more pistols instead of just flat ammo shelves.
The safe arrived in a well packed and protected box. Once I remove the cardboard and bubble wrap, all I can say is, “WOW”! There is nothing that I can see and feel about this safe is inferior. From the antique copper texture finish to the thin door gap and the handle, everything is top quality work. I was pleasantly surprised even the bottom of the safe is painted with the same antique copper finish. Then I open the door and I am speechless. The hidden LED lights comes on and light up the interior. I rotated the shelf fitted with smooth heavy duty truck wheel bearings and watch it silently go around and around couple times.

Needless to say I am more than satisfied with the Pendleton Safe. The amount of storage and access capability in this amount space is incredible. The only complaint I have right now is how empty the shelves look with all my collection in it. I have got 25 rifles stored. There is room for at least 15 more and not to mention the 22 handgun management tray and the two 8 handgun shelves on the sides that is still empty.